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Freelance Photographer, Creative Director, Graphic Artis, Fine Artist Model and TV/Film Extra/Stand In as myself and under the alias Slim Anomaly, located in Portland, OR. 

Having varying skill sets from fine art, graphic design, paper making, photography, and much, much more, my arts tend to merge and play off of each other. I have a habit of mixing things up, and always learning, as it helps me keep a fresh view on the world! Founder of the non-profit, Beauty with Brains, a group that offers collaborative, creative, educational and networking opportunities, via free monthly group photo shoots at unique locations in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids areas in SW Michigan. Helping others grow is what drives me. The group lives on in the loving hands of the current president and board.

Some of my work has been published and displayed locally and in my home town, within news articles, promotional materials, solo exhibits of art, poetry and photography, along with a few pieces being shown internationally and an upcoming show at Space Monkey Coffee on 72nd and Harold for the month of March 2017. I have been in tv, film, commercial and web as an extra and a stand-in. I am a creative consultant, with never ending ideas and concepts, and some location scouting! I've been exploring locations all over Portland and the surrounding areas in this beautiful state of Oregon, and cannot wait to see and do more! Creativity is what drives me, if you're creative and would like to collaborate...
feel free to email me! :)"